Work out plans for men

Work out plans for men are all over the internet but there are a couple that I highly recommend. It all depends on what your end goal is but here are a couple that I’ve done and have seen great results with.

Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to size (I completed the full workout): it is a great variety of weights and splits throughout the week. This is one of the best work out plans for men because it really focuses on packing on muscles and developing size. I can say I added over an inch on my arms in a short period of time and all of my lifts went up dramatically.

P90x: I’ve done all of the different days within P90x and it’s a great workout.  I have not completed the program in 90 consecutive days. But I’ve done several of the workouts and I’m especially impressed with ab ripper x, which is the workout for abs.

Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to shredded: I’m currently doing this work out and it’s great. I will warn you though it’s not easy what so ever. It does require you to reach fatigue and then push beyond it. It’s guaranteed to bring you out of your comfort zone.

Crossfit: In general crossfit is a great work out plan for men as it causes you to stimulate muscle growth as well as increase cardiovascular exercise as well! I believe the most important thing with crossfit is getting a trainer that cares and is willing to show you how to do proper form. I’ve witnessed people that are just starting out put on way too much weight with improper form. This is a recipe for disaster. It’s a physical therapist main stream of revenue :)!

Kettlebell workouts: Kettlebell work outs are great and leave you sore for several days at a time. This is another workout that I really stress using correct form or not doing it at all. Start out with light weights and build your muscles up before you try anything too strenuous on your body!

These are some of the many work out plans for men. I hope you have a chance to check these out. Let me know if you have any more ideas!

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    So many people make one visit to the gym and overdo it to the extent they never return. The need exists for trainers to engage the great flabby masses to begin a daily routine of enjoyable exercise and slowly build up. Daily routines must become a habit for your lifetime not a quick goal for a photo-op at the beach.

    1. Mike Post author

      Agreed! This year my main goal is to STAY in shape. Over the last couple of years I’ve been able to GET in shape with motivation from a fitness challenge only to lose it months later. I’m realizing that if I create long lasting habits I can enjoy the benefits longer! Thanks Joe!

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