Hynes Fitness Challenge 2014

This year the expectations are at an all time high! I’ve done this fitness challenge for 3 years, and am now entering the 4th year of the competition. A quick break down… 1st year – bad results, 2nd year – decent results, 3rd year good results, 4th year is to be determined but I’m expecting great results.

I have to start off by saying it’s pretty bad to see that I start all of the years out of shape and then end up in better/great shape. After this 4th year competition I’m making it a goal to really stay in shape year round instead of fluctuating so much. I realized this when I took this years before pics and look really out of shape whereas about 8 months ago I was close to the best shape of my life. While the transformations are fun to see it’s ridiculous to get in much worse shape throughout the year.

So, I’m pumped for this year. I have the knowledge and the know how to get in great shape and now it’s time to get the party started.